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Dr. Jayati Talukdar​

Our Founder, Dr. Jayati Talukdar (48), is an eternal optimist who always follows her heart. She loves to read, learn about new things and believes in the oneness of all things. She is an MBBS from Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati and MBA from The Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.
With a lifelong passion for wellness and natural remedies, she has explored many paths towards holistic health and is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Fitness Trainer and Certified in Nutrition and Dietetics. In the past, she has held senior positions in wellness Companies like VLCC India and VLCC Bangladesh, Apollo Hospital Group and Vidal Health.
isaku - For Timeless Beauty
isaku - For Timeless Beauty

Jayesh Kumar

Our Marketing and Sales co-founder, Jayesh Kumar is a born entrepreneur who dreamt of changing the world as a kid. Even though he comes from a conservative Marwari family, Jayesh always wanted to venture out and make a mark for himself.
He started out his career as a Business Analyst in an e-commerce development firm and then branched out into different businesses like online classifieds, psychology and Ecommerce.
A curious and observant person, Jayesh noticed that there is a gap in the market for women-centric content and that led to him to co-found GirlsXP, one of India’s largest women-centric community with over 1 million followers and working closely with multiple brand in creating viral content and influencer marketing.
Jayesh is a Computer Science & IT graduate from JNTU(H) and he hopes to build a global, premium women-focused brand from India.

isaku Philosophy

Being a woman is no easy job. We understand and empathize with the journey you have been through to reach where you are today, the shackles the Indian society puts on women who want to be independent and achieve their goals.
And when a woman reaches a stage in her life where she can justifiably feel pride in her achievements, she is bombarded with anti-aging messages and made to feel self-conscious about her age and even discriminated against. These anti-aging messages only celebrate youth and belittle all the struggles, hard work, achievements and wisdom that come with age. Instead of celebrating the gifts that age brings us, women are made to feel bad about their age and to doubt their worth.
But no more! Since we believe that we must be the change we want to see, we want to do away with the negative anti-aging obsession that makes a woman feel worthless because she may have a few wrinkles or grey hair. Instead, we believe that being able to age is glorious and is a Gift that we must celebrate every day.
While your skin may show some wear and tear, we have specifically formulated products for these skin concerns so YOU can celebrate being yourself, while we take care of your skin.
So, go forth and celebrate your beauty, your worth, your age. Feel like the radiant, strong being that you are. Because Real Beauty is Timeless.
isaku - For Timeless Beauty

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